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“I got to move forward at my own pace, my counsellor was extremely professional and very perceptive. I felt really safe during the sessions and they have changed my perception of life and of myself. Keep up the excellent work”

“I am so grateful to have come across your services and even more I feel so understood by my counsellor. I have done a couple of therapy myself in the past but this one definitely stands out! We need more services like yours in this world in order to make counselling more accessible to anyone!”

“I was seen quickly. My counsellor worked hard to get to know and understand me. She used many skills & techniques. She was so warm and non-judgemental. So perfect for me”

“I think it’s a wonderful service. It gave me the chance to have excellent, non-judgemental counselling at a very reasonable cost. For once I could say anything with no fear of criticism and as a result new awareness and belief in myself. Thank you”

“Your service has improved not only my life but my relationship. Thank You”

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